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Wakate and our GreenLand foundation – FGL came to the rural sector of Aranzazu and Neira with the Festival of Winds

Together with our GreenLand  foundation – FGL we held the second Festival of Winds, where children from the rural areas Neira and Aranzazu, and their families, let their imaginations fly and creatd kites inspired by our two organizations locted in these two municipalities.

Residents in the villates of Muelas, Buenos Aires and Camelias de Aranzazu took part in this activity on Sunay, August 21, while the areas of Trocaderos, Hoyo Frío, Pan de Azúcar, Las Peñas, El Cardal and La Felicia in Neira , went on Saturday the 27th of August.

The objective of this event was to provide the participants a place to help strengthen family ties and wholesome recreation among nieghbors. In Aranzazu  there were 60 participants between children and adults, where prizes were given to the kites that met the contest requirements, and in Neira, there were 80 participants and 8 creative kites were reawarded.

Our committment together with our GreenLand  Foundation – FGL, still focuses on the well/being of the communities.

The Festival of Winds was held for the second year in a row took place with the support of the Mayors’ Offices of Neira and Aranzazu, with the participation of the Youth Police.


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